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Reporting & Portfolio Monitoring Solutions

Unlock Unparalleled Clarity with Real-Time Merchant Account Reporting

Maximize the transparency of your transactions with our advanced Reporting system. Our comprehensive dashboard seamlessly integrates transaction details, order data, and chargeback activity across numerous merchant accounts, offering unmatched clarity and control. Dive deep into your data with ease, ensuring your business stays ahead with real-time insights.

Regulatory Reporting for Robust Portfolio Monitoring

Safeguard your business’s growth against financial crimes. Swiftly identify and effectively shield your operations with our reliable, continuous portfolio monitoring.

Reporting for Actionable Insights

Protect your business’s growth from the challenges of financial crimes with our cutting-edge Regulatory Reporting services. Our reliable and continuous Portfolio Monitoring system swiftly identifies risks, allowing you to effectively shield your operations. Stay compliant and secure, ensuring your business thrives in a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Real-Time Reporting

In-Depth Regulatory Portfolio Monitoring

Understanding Our Regulatory Reporting Process:


Portfolio Creation

At the onboarding phase, Chargeback Defense conducts a thorough initial screening of your data, crafting customer risk profiles that are integrated into a secure database.


Risk Assessment

Our system scrutinizes multiple sanction lists, adverse media, and PEPs databases, assessing potential risks.


Initiating Inquiries

New account checks for financial crimes are conducted through API requests or batch uploads.


Continuous Monitoring

Daily screening of the portfolio against watchlist updates ensures consistent accuracy and relevance.

Chargeback Defense Process

Advanced Chargeback Analytics for Deeper Understanding

Dive into your chargeback data, segmented by various factors, to uncover the root causes of customer disputes. Take proactive measures and swiftly resolve issues to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

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